Ditch Association

Diversion dam at head gate for the Jemez Springs Community Ditch Association
Ditch Questions:Billing:
Roger Sweet
Talia Michelle 
Member fee due: $30  per parcel (ie. If you own two separate properties on our ditch your fee is $60). Member’s ditch that we clean will receive a separate bill for that service.Make payable and mail to:
Jemez Springs Community Ditch 
PO Box 166
Jemez Springs, NM 87025

Acequia Maps

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March 21, 2023

Hello Acequia water users,

Water will be turned into the Jemez Springs Community Ditch on April 15th.

All members that clean their own ditches please have it cleaned by April 7th for inspection. Members whose ditches we clean annually will be billed for cleaning. If you choose to clean it yourself please let Roger know at sweetroger7@gmail.com

If you are not going to be using water this upcoming season please Water Bank your water rights. You can learn more about Water Banking in our bi-laws (link to PDF).

And, you may also find them and other information in our Google Drive:


Please plan to attend our Special Meeting on Sunday March 26, 2023 @ 3pm in Village of Jemez Springs Municipal Office Building Conference Room.

It is important members attend in that we need a quorum in attendance for voting!

Meeting Agenda March 26, 2023

Call to order
1) Approve Minutes from March 5, 2022 Regular Bi-Annual Meeting
2) Banking – Change required number of authorized signers
3) Increase Annual Ditch dues
4) Commissioner’s Comments
5) Member’s comments and concerns
6) Meeting adjourn

Water rights are valuable assets.  Please make sure yours are protected by keeping the Office of the State Engineer’s records up to date with the correct Water Rights Owner.  Water Rights are recorded at the NM Office of the State Engineer (OSE).  If you have a line item on your Ditch Invoice that you will receive in the mail stating that you are not the Water Rights Owner of record, please contact the OSE at 505-383-4000 to find out how to correct this. 

You may view the list of recorded owners of Water Rights on this ditch by going to nmwrrs.ose.state.nm.us/nmwrrs/waterRightSummary.html  and input SD for Basin, 04518 for Nbr, and * for Suffix, and then click on <View Water Right Summary>. 

The Acequia Maps here jemezsprings-nm.gov/ditch-association/ and in our Google Drive might prove useful in finding your Map # and Track # to help you when speaking with the OSE.  The Google Drive link actually contains maps 5 & 6 with the Water Rights Owners of Record notated on the map itself, which may be the most useful tool of all to find your information.

Thank you for being a valuable and conscientious participant of our precious acequia.

-Roger Sweet, Mayordomo