Ditch Association

Diversion dam at head gate for the Jemez Springs Community Ditch Association
Ditch Questions: Billing:
Roger Sweet
Katheran Williams
Member fee due: $30  per parcel (ie. If you own two separate properties on our ditch your fee is $60). Member’s ditch that we clean will receive a separate bill for that service. Make payable and mail to:
Jemez Springs Community Ditch 
PO Box 166
Jemez Springs, NM 87025


Water will be turned on to the Jemez Springs Community Ditch on April 15th. All members that clean their own ditches, please have it cleaned by April 7th for inspection. All others members that we clean annually will be billed for cleaning.

If you choose to clean it yourself please let me know at sweetroger7@gmail.com

If you are not going to be using water this upcoming season please “Water Bank” your water rights. You can learn more about Water Banking in our bi-laws.

-Roger Sweet, Mayordomo

Acequia Maps

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