Public Notice

Report on Sanitary Sewer Overflow event—May 28, 2024

Location: West of 16441 Highway 4

Timeline: First reported to the Wastewater Department by resident John Altheide at 3:09 pm. Resolved at 7:41 pm.

Apparent cause: Root growth in line.

Action taken:

​1. Applied 3.5 pounds of Root Be Gone into Manhole 21 to loosen root growth.

​2. Ran jetter (high-pressure water) through Manhole 19 north to Manhole 20 ​(approximately 200 ft.). Line cleared. Good flow observed in Manhole 21.

​3. Applied lime to Manhole 20 and surrounding ground.

​4. Informed residents at 16441 Highway 4.

​5. Sent required notification to EPA and New Mexico Environment Department.

Results: Untreated sewage was restricted to open area behind 16441 Highway 4. No sewage or wastewater from the overflow entered the nearby acequia or the Jemez River.

Thanks go out to the Wastewater Operations Manager, Rose Fenton, and her untrained assistant (Mayor Mike) for their quick and determined effort. Thanks also to John Altheide for his help and early notice and to James and Susanna Cooper for allowing us to operate the jetter from their back yard.